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About Us

About Us

Who is Asergis Property?

Asergis Property is a Malta based company with a growing investment portfolio of properties across the island for both short and long let. The Company is on the lookout for carefully selected properties to buy to maintain a steady growth rate.

Asergis Property is also venturing out in the market for buying, selling and renting properties on behalf of esteemed third party clients. In fact, the Company will be cutting a niche market for itself addressing a number of gaps that it has identified when analysing all other real estate agencies.

It is with this gap in mind that Asergis Property plans to create its legacy.

Customer Service

Whether the transaction is buying or selling a property (or possibly both), our focus is and will always be the customers themselves. Our objective is to ensure that all parties receive an exceptional service from each and every one of our employees, whether senior management, agents or administration and support personnel. And this exceptional service can only be offered and maintained by gaining the trust of our clients by showing them respect and a working against a transparent process

Through our website, we aim to offer not only the standard search and buy/sell/rent of properties but we also offer our registered landlords and property owners the necessary data and information relevant to their properties in real time. All the information is a click or two away.

We value your time

Furthermore, whilst we realise that finding the right property for our customers will not always be possible, the Company will not let itself (through its agents) waste time and money by taking you to view unrelated or unwanted properties just to try and make a sale. We will go that extra mile in sieving through the list of properties we have on offer, but will only shortlist those properties that really hit most (if not all) of your requirements. Even then, with the shortlist in hand, you as the client will have the final say which property listings you agree to view.

Client Relations

And it is by gaining your trust that the Company and its agents will be building a strong relationship with you. This will thus ensure that the next time you encounter a real estate opportunity or need such a service, Asergis Property will be at the top of your list.

Our Vision and Portfolio

The Company is not looking to be the leading agency in Malta in terms of size of market or employees. However, Asergis Property does and will be the leading agency in offering an exceptional experience in customer service to all of its clients. In this regard, Asergis Property will be second to none.

Even our property portfolio will not be extravagantly huge. Whether transacting our own properties or that of third party clients, all properties will be carefully selected before being uploaded into the system. The property and owner requirements need to make sense for all parties concerned.

Our Services

Whilst the concept of operating a real estate agency has long been on the cards, the Company itself is relatively young but ambitious. The services we will be offering to our clients at this point in time would be that of Buying and Selling Property in Malta, as well as Renting property in Malta. Furthermore, our property portfolio would only include residential units, with the commercial portfolio being introduced at a later stage.

Property Management is also another service we offer to our clients. In the case of short lets for third party owned listings, this service is mandatory. In this way, we will take care of all the aches and pains when short listing your property. No more stressing for check-ins and check-outs, cleaning and ensuring that payments are all in order. Just sit back and receive your rental earnings at the end of each month.

Furthermore, for those people willing or interested in relocating to Malta, through our extensive network, we are in a position to recommend suitable good-value-for-money service providers to attend to your needs and requirements.

For any queries or further information about any of our services, why not contact us.